What we do

Areas that we specialize

Our goal is to provide quality work for a fair price. Since we have built a good reputation, most of our business is from repeat customers, many of whom specialize in design-build work. Meacham Drywall for Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Sports, Retail, Housing, Worship, Hospitality, Data Centers, Churches, Multifamily, Senior Living, Hotels, Mixed Use, and more.



RT Meacham Drywall has diverse experience from hanging basic drywall on multi-story wood framed applications to more complex lead-lined and bullet proof/ballistic wallboard installations.

We prefer hanging on metal stud framing and are experts at systems like shaft-walls that include frame while you hang and sound control applications that include specialty rubber barriers and sound absorbing adhesives. We hang wallboard on arched ceilings and radius walls. We install moisture-resistant wallboards, cement boards, exterior glass matt sheathing and plywood sheathing to name a few products. We strive to keep jobs clean and organized during the hanging process




Finishing is the most important part of the drywall process. It dictates what the walls will look like after the paint is installed.

Our finishers take the time and effort to minimize the flashing of the joints and screws especially around windows and natural light. We provide level 5 finishes which are sprayed or hand troweled in 2 directions depending on the application.

We provide “orange peel” finishes and true “knock-down” finishes as well. We can provide finishing services that include minimal dust during the “sanding” process when the environment requires it.



Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical ceilings range from very basic designs to very complicated, outrageous designs. Let our team help you decide what works best for you.

Our expert staff can show you cost effective options for simple upfits and can help with sound transfer and absorption when that becomes a problem in office environments.

If you want a “show piece” for your lobby or conference room, we can install a variety of floating ceilings, metal panel ceilings and wood ceilings. We install “clean room” ceilings used in medical or dust free environments



EIFS, Stucco and Cultured Stone

RT Meacham Drywall installs exterior claddings such as Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS), Cultured stone and Stucco. EIFS is your most cost effective cladding that can provide energy savings and design flexibility with pre-formed shapes and cornices.

EIFS can be finished with heavy textures or so smooth it looks like metal panels.

Cultured Stone provides beautiful accents to a building for less money than natural stone.

Stucco is a cement based material mixed with sand and water. This product is typically applied to a solid surface like CMU or applied to metal lath that can be shaped to form arches and radius surfaces.



Metal Studs, Framing

RT Meacham Drywall specializes in all sorts of metal stud framing. We do single story and multi-story exterior metal stud framing and can provide engineering for exterior stud walls including load-bearing applications and truss systems when needed.

We pride ourselves in being able to handle the most complicated exterior and interior framing designs including radius’s, arches, floating ceilings, domes, stages, etc. We also deal with specialty products including sound control that require “isolation clips” and specialty fasteners.



Specialty Products

We furnish and install a variety of specialty products that include acoustical wall and ceiling panels / baffles that will absorb sound as well as look good.

We provide FRP in kitchens as well as wall protection, impact products and even furnish and install GRG columns and products.


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